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5 Largest Data Brokers In America

Data Brokers

Are you aware of the vast amount of personal information that is being collected about you every day? 

 In the age of technology and digital connectivity, data brokers have emerged as the silent giants who gather, analyze, and sell consumer data for various purposes. 

 In America, some of the largest data brokers have become household names, quietly amassing an incredible wealth of information about individuals from all walks of life. 

 One such behemoth in the data brokering industry is Acxiom Corporation. With its roots dating back to the early 1970s, Acxiom has grown into a powerhouse, boasting an extensive database that contains detailed profiles on nearly every American adult. 

 Through various methods of data collection, such as online tracking, public records, and purchasing data from third parties, Acxiom has compiled an astonishingly comprehensive picture of millions of individuals. 

 From your shopping preferences to your financial history, Acxiom knows more about you than you might even realize. 

As you navigate the digital landscape and engage with various services, Acxiom silently works behind the scenes, gathering and analyzing your data to create a comprehensive profile that is then sold to marketers, financial institutions, and even government agencies.

  • Acxiom 

Acxiom is a powerhouse in the data brokerage industry. With over 50 years of experience, it has amassed an incredible amount of consumer information. Acxiom’s data includes demographics, purchase history, social media activity, and much more. This data is used by marketers, advertisers, and businesses to tailor their campaigns and services to specific audiences. 

  • Data Collection: Acxiom collects data from various sources, including public records, surveys, online transactions, social media, and loyalty programs. 
  • Information Gathered: Acxiom gathers a wide range of data, such as demographics (age, gender, marital status), interests, online behavior, purchase history, and more. They create detailed consumer profiles used for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. 
  • Experian 

Experian is a well-known credit reporting agency that also operates as a data broker. It provides businesses with comprehensive insights into consumers’ credit history, spending patterns, and financial behaviors. While its primary focus is on credit information, Experian’s extensive data network spans into other areas, making it a major player in the data brokerage landscape. 

  • Data Collection: Experian primarily collects data from credit reporting, financial institutions, and public records. 
  • Information Gathered: Experian’s data encompasses credit scores, credit history, loan and credit card information, public records (bankruptcies, liens), and personal identification data. This data helps lenders assess creditworthiness and manage risk. 
  • Equifax 

Equifax, like Experian, is primarily known for its credit reporting services. However, it’s also a significant player in the data brokerage space. Equifax compiles vast amounts of consumer data, including financial history, public records, and personal information. This data is used by businesses to assess creditworthiness, target marketing efforts, and more. 

  • Data Collection: Equifax gathers data from credit reporting, financial institutions, and public records similar to Experian. 
  • Information Gathered: Equifax’s data includes credit reports, credit scores, payment history, personal information (addresses, employment history), and financial behaviors. This data is vital for credit assessment and lending decisions. 
  • CoreLogic 

Focused on real estate and property data, CoreLogic is a data broker that collects and provides information about properties, homeowners, and potential buyers. Its databases include property values, mortgage information, tax records, and more. CoreLogic’s data helps real estate professionals make informed decisions and streamline their operations. 

  • Data Collection: CoreLogic collects property-related data from a variety of sources, including public records, tax assessments, and real estate listings. 
  • Information Gathered: CoreLogic’s data encompasses property values, ownership history, mortgage information, property tax records, and neighborhood characteristics. Real estate professionals use this data for market analysis and property valuation. 
  • TransUnion 

Another credit reporting agency turned data broker, TransUnion gathers credit information, public records, and consumer behaviors. Its data is utilized by businesses to analyze trends, assess risk, and make data-driven decisions. TransUnion’s vast database contributes to shaping various industries, from financial services to marketing. 

  • Data Collection: TransUnion collects data from credit reporting, financial institutions, public records, and alternative data sources. 
  • Information Gathered: TransUnion’s data includes credit reports, credit scores, public records, payment behaviors, and alternative credit data (rental payments, utility bills). This information aids businesses in risk assessment and decision-making. 

How DeleteMyInfo Safeguards Your Personal Information

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When you use DeleteMyInfo to remove your personal information from the internet, you can trust that they have robust security measures in place to safeguard your data. They utilize encryption protocols and secure servers to ensure that your information remains private and confidential. 

DeleteMyInfo also has a team of experts who are dedicated to monitoring and updating their security measures to stay one step ahead of potential threats. With DeleteMyInfo, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information is in safe hands. 

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