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Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise

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Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise is a unique and exciting way to explore the waters around Clearwater Beach, Florida. This pirate-themed cruise takes visitors on a journey through the Gulf of Mexico, complete with pirate music, games, and entertainment.

The cruise is hosted by Captain Memo, a colorful character who has been entertaining visitors to the area for over 40 years. Captain Memo and his crew dress up in pirate costumes and provide a variety of interactive activities and entertainment for guests, including sword fighting demonstrations, face painting, and treasure hunts.

The ship itself is a 70-foot replica of a Spanish galleon, complete with a full bar and a spacious deck for guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful views. The ship is also equipped with a water slide, which provides a fun and refreshing way for guests to cool off during the hot Florida summers.

During the cruise, guests can participate in a variety of pirate-themed activities, including a water balloon fight and a search for hidden treasure. The crew also provides a variety of snacks and beverages, as well as a cash bar for adult guests.

One of the highlights of the cruise is the sunset celebration, which provides a beautiful and memorable end to the journey. Guests can enjoy the stunning sunset views over the Gulf of Mexico while sipping on a tropical drink and listening to pirate music.

Overall, Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise is a fun and unique way to experience the waters around Clearwater Beach. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure or a romantic sunset cruise, this pirate-themed journey is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. With its friendly crew, lively entertainment, and beautiful views, Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the Clearwater Beach area.

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