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How Does DeleteMyInfo work?

How Does DeleteMyInfo work?

  • DeleteMyInfo is the fastest solution for getting your personal information deleted from the top 160+ data broker sites, so you can live a more secure life online.
  • Information such as your name, address, age, phone number, family, and more are found and quickly deleted from search results on the internet.
  • Our Live Privacy Experts will also custom-remove you from ANY Broker Sites you find your information on.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Data Sheet: Sign up and complete your data sheet on your DeleteMyInfo profile.
  2. Find and Delete Our Privacy Experts find your exposed information on the largest data brokerage websites + Google search and get to work deleting you.
  3. Privacy Report You receive your Privacy Report within 1 week, showing where we found your information and where it was deleted.
  4. Monitor and Notify: You will get quarterly reports and immediate notifications as we continue to find and delete your private information from the internet.

**If you find your profile on other brokers’ sites that are not included in the report, let us know, send us the URL and we’ll immediately work on removing it.

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