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How much does DeleteMyInfo cost?

How much does DeleteMyInfo cost?

DeleteMyInfo offers three plans –

Solo Plan: Annual Protection for 1 Person for $120/year ($9.99/mo)

Double Plan: Annual Protection for 2 People for $204/year ($16.99/mo)

Family Plan+: Annual Protection for 3 to 10 People starts at $295/year ($24.99/mo)

These Plans include:

•Dedicated Live Privacy Experts
•Privacy Dashboard
•ALL Major Broker Sites Removal (currently at 150+ sites and counting)
•Google Search Removal
•Custom Removal
•Regular Monitoring
•Quarterly Reports
•Option to add unlimited phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry

All plans are billed annually and automatically renew unless canceled before the renewal date.

You can find the most recent prices on our Home and Pricing pages.

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