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I heard I can remove my information from data brokers for free, why pay?

I heard I can remove my information from data brokers for free, why pay?

Yes, you can, however, the process can be really tedious and complicated.

You can start by searching your name in Google, take note that not all data broker sites will appear on the search results, and that doesn’t mean it didn’t show, it’s safe. You should be familiar with all the brokers’ sites keeping and selling your personal information. Each broker site has its own process and requirements to process your removal request – some websites need you to fill out forms; others require emails, and others request receiving confirmation codes via robocalls.

After you’ve submitted your opt-out request, you’ll need to keep an eye on and check if the listing has actually been removed. There are sites that will remove your listing immediately, while others will take days to weeks to complete the removal.

After these efforts, you should know that these brokers’ sites update their databases with new information all the time and your unauthorized profiles can reappear. You need to come back to these sites from time to time (ideally once a month) to check whether this has happened and submit a new opt-out request if your information has reappeared. Another thing that you need to know is that even after your information has been removed from the broker sites, there’s a chance that it will still appear on the Google search results and you need to request for google to remove them – yes, another complicated process.

Just processing the removal request will take roughly 10-15 minutes per broker site (there are more than 200 broker sites that you need to work on). It’s up to you how often you will recheck if your information has been removed or reappeared on the brokers’ sites.

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