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I signed up for a plan – What’s Next?

I signed up for a plan – What’s Next?

Data Card. Initial Privacy Report. Quarterly Privacy Reports. Live Notifications.

After you sign up you will be sent an activation email and be prompted to fill out your datasheet. Once you complete your data sheet on you and your other family members (double or family plans) we can get right to work searching for your data and removing it.

In about 7days days of your datasheet being completed, you will get an Initial Privacy Report which shows where we found your data and the stage we are in deleting it. It can take between 10-30 days for data brokers to process our opt-out requests.

After your Initial Privacy Report you will receive Quarterly Privacy Reports which show where we deleted you from and where your information was republished, and therefore re-requested to be removed. These are essentially a snapshot of what we have done that quarter.

In addition to Privacy Reports, you will also receive notifications in your DeleteMyInfo dashboard that show all of the actions we have taken on your data.

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