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Do I have to be a US Citizen to utilize DeleteMyInfo?

No, not really. Data Brokers gather the information of everyone not just from the U.S. so it doesn’t mean you’re not a U.S. citizen, you’re safe.  Try DeleteMyInfo’s FREE SCANNING TOOL and find out how much of your information is actually published and available to the public.

Does DeleteMyInfo improve my search results?

Data brokers have high SEO (search engine optimization) results that will typically rank higher than any other search results. When we remove your information from these websites, they eventually disappear from google search results and the pages you want to appear on (Business pages, LinkedIn, etc) will start to surface at the top.

Why do I need DeleteMyInfo?

When you partner with DeleteMyinfo, we take immediate action to reduce your digital footprint by finding and deleting your information published on the top 150+ data broker sites.

By removing your information from data broker sites you can get rid of those spam emails and calls, and you will live a more private life online, make it harder for malicious entities to find your data, and improve your search results for things that matter – such as business pages, LinkedIn profiles, and positive articles.

If you are an attorney, financial advisor, or a company that operates under your name this is particularly important to remove data broker search results from the internet so that you can be found by your clients or employers.

Who are these Data Brokers you speak of?

Data Brokers are companies that exist to profit from your personal information. They find and scrape your data from public records, social media, and voter records and package this information into a gift-wrapped box for anyone to buy.

This information consists of your name, age, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, family members, political affiliation, etc. all bundled together for people or companies to get a profile on who you are.

We will remove you from more than 150 major broker sites and if you find your information somewhere else broker sites, you can send us the URL and we’ll be more than happy to work on it.

Can You Delete My Info From Social Media?

DeleteMyInfo does not delete the Actual Social Media Accounts. As much as we want to delete accounts from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they have their own Privacy Policy and the user has to log in to their account first to delete or deactivate the profiles, we have DIY guides on how to do it or we can just walk them through.

However, data brokers scrape your information from these sources and add it to your profile on their websites. When we delete your profile from data broker websites it makes it much harder for anyone to find this information unless they visit the specific government website or the member sets his/her personal information to be available to the public on her/his social media account.

How do I get a hold of someone at DeleteMyInfo?

You can get in touch with us via:

Contact Form:

Phone: (855)-959-0311 (Mon-Fri; 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST)


How long does it take to remove my data?

We treat all our customers as VIPs and removing your personal information should be done as soon and as accurately as possible. Right after you completed your Personal Data Sheet, we will start searching and deleting your information from the 150+ brokers’ sites we have on the list including Google search.

Removal timelines vary depending on the broker sites’ process, from real-time removal to up to 2 weeks. An Initial Report will be sent to you within 7days. 

Will my information re-appear after I cancel my subscription?

It may not happen immediately, but the short answer is yes.

It is open season on your personal information when it comes to data brokers. They continuously scan and scrape information from many sources and each has a time limit as to when your opt-out expires. Unless you’re prepared to continuously monitor these sites for your data re-appearing (as we do for you), then it is very likely that your profile will be re-published on their websites. It’s only a matter of time.

If you sign up for our services and feel like you are not getting your money’s worth, please contact us so that we may attempt to make it right before canceling your subscription.

How do people make money from my information?

Your information is not worth much when it is scattered all over the internet in bits and pieces, but when data brokers collect it together into a profile it can be desirable information to marketing agencies, spammers, stalkers, ex’s, etc.

When we remove your profiles from these sites it removes data brokers’ ability to sell them. 

I cannot access my account, what now?

If you cannot access your account you can reset your password through the login screen. However, if you are still having trouble, it’s possible that you may not have an account with DeleteMyInfo and rather you signed up in the past with another company called DeleteMe. Your login credentials will not work on our website if you have a membership with them. It is common that people to get us mixed up.

If you are sure that you have an account with us, and your password reset is not working, please contact us at so that we can assist you.

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