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What sets DeleteMyinfo apart from other services?

What sets DeleteMyinfo apart from other services?


Unlike some of our competitors, DeleteMyInfo, doesn’t run or affiliate with, ANY Data Broker Site.

Some companies offer removal from more than 200 Broker Sites, but that’s just a show-off and the truth is, they own or have partnerships with these Broker Sites. Remember that these Data Broker Sites hate companies like DeleteMyInfo so if you see an advertisement of a company inside a Data Broker Site saying that they will remove your information from that site, that’s a big RED FLAG.

DeleteMyInfo focuses on removing your information fast. Some services spread your removals over many months throughout the year to make it seem like it’s a lengthy process. This gives them more time to work on your file. The truth is that removing someone from the top 150 data broker sites should not take longer than 30 days.

At DeleteMyInfo your information will be found and removed within 14 days (of you completing your datasheet), and we will monitor it throughout the year to ensure it is not scraped and republished again.

DeleteMyInfo also strives to have the best customer service in the industry. This means when you contact us during our business hours, a live person will answer to help you or we will call or message you back within the next business day.

Additionally, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee that your information will be found, deleted, and continuously monitored on all of the data broker sites that we cover.

Finally, DeleteMyInfo is owned and operated in the USA. Many data removal companies have virtual offices based in the United States, but this can be misleading since many of their founders and operations are in other countries. This is a problem because your data is in the hands of a company that is not within the jurisdiction of US Laws.

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