How To Remove Information From

Personal data is posted on the data broker website You must mail BlockShopper an opt-out request if you want to unsubscribe. Although they promise to respond within 48 hours, it can take longer for them to carry out your request.

Have you ever wondered, “How can I delete my data from Block Shopper?” Here’s how to Block Shopper opt out tasks by hand:

DeleteMyInfo’s BlockShopper Opt Out Steps


Go to their website,


Type in your full name in the “Search for Homeowners”

How To Remove Information From BlockShopper - DeleteMyInfo

Click your name that matches the your information.

How To Remove Information From BlockShopper - DeleteMyInfo

Copy the URL of your listing.

How To Remove Information From BlockShopper - DeleteMyInfo

You have to send an Block shopper opt out email to [email protected]

Include the listing’s URL and a justification for your request to have your information removed in the email. You can mail the letter to 27 Wacker Drive, Suite 428 Chicago, IL 60606 or fax it to 314-786-0519. They could ask for more identification documentation or details about the circumstance.


Within 48 hours, they will respond, but it can take longer for your information to be deleted.

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