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The very first multilingual people search website is called Reverse name, address, and phone lookups are available on the website. You must submit an opt-out request on’s website in order to have your information deleted. Within 72 hours, your information should be deleted.

DeleteMyInfo’s SearchPeopleFree Opt Out Steps

Have you ever been curious about “How can I remove my information from SearchPeopleFree”?

Here’s how to do out tasks by hand:


Visit the opt-out page for SearchPeopleFree.


Complete the CAPTCHA, provide a working email address, and accept the terms. Next, select "Begin removal process" from the menu.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Note: We advise sending removal requests for SearchPeopleFree and other people-search databases to a different email address that has been set just for that purpose. By taking this action, you can help ensure that these websites won’t display or distribute the personally identifiable information linked with your email.


SearchPeopleFree should have sent a verification email to your mailbox. In the email, select the "Validate my email" button.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

To start the removal procedure, choose "Start a search."

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Type in your full name, city, and state and click “Search”.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Look for your record and hit the “Continue Removal” button.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

On this page, hit the “Remove this record” button.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Your removal request has been filed in step eight. Please be aware that the removal of your information from SearchPeopleFree may take up to 72 hours.

Want to Contact SearchPeopleFree Directly?

If you want to reach out to SearchPeopleFree with any inquiries or concerns you may have, use the contact form on their website by visiting recovery Abu Dhabi
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