How to Remove your Information from is a data aggregator that displays personal data free of charge. This includes your full name, date of birth, current and previous home addresses, relatives, and lots of other data. emoving yourself from Fast People Search requires you to fill an opt-out form. After that, your listing will be removed within 72 hours.

How to remove yourself from


Go to FastPeopleSearch’s opt-out page:


Enter your email address, check TOS, and perform the CAPTCHA. Click the “Begin removal process” button.


Enter your first and last name, specify your city and state and click the “Free Search” button.


Find the matching result and click on it.


Click the “Remove my record” button.


Check your inbox to find an email from FastPeopleSearch. Follow the opt-out link in the email to finish the removal process.

Your opt-out request has been submitted and will be processed within 72 hours.

N.B. will remove any record they obtain upon your opt-out request from appearing in their search results within 72 hours. However, your information may still remain available on other broker sites, including the ones partners. You will need to submit separate removal requests for these sites to have your information deleted from their databases.

FastPeopleSearch Removal Via Phone Number Call

Alternatively, you can call FastPeopleSearch via phone at (866) 679-8725 to request for your information removal.

FastPeopleSearch Removal Via Fax or Mail

Another way to remove your information from FastPeopleSearch is to send your opt-out request via fax or mail. Provide the following information in your request: full name, DOB, current and previous addresses, and the URL of the record you wish to have removed.

  • Fax to +1.4806242598
  • Mail to PO BOX 55071 Boston, MA 02205-5071

You can aldo reach out to FastPeopleSearch via thire contact form on their website


Choose the one that works best for you.