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A people-search website that shares private information online is called It is connected to BeenVerified, a sizable people-search website. presently oversees deletions through Your data will also be deleted from if your information is removed from An opt-out request must be made and then confirmed by email. Your request should then be handled within 24 hours.

How to delete your information from NeighborWho?

Here’s how to go about doing things manually if you don’t want to do this automatically and would rather submit the request directly:

DeleteMyInfo’s NeighborWho Opt Out Steps


Visit now


Click the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link after scrolling down the page.

Remove Yourself from - DeleteMyInfo

Your browser will take you to Right now, NeighborWho's opt-out requests are handled through BeenVerified. To start the removal procedure, click the "Do Not Sell My Information" option.

Remove Yourself from - DeleteMyInfo

Type in your first and last name, choose your state and click the “Search” button.

Remove Yourself from - DeleteMyInfo

Find the record you want to delete and select "Proceed to Opt Out" from the menu that appears.

Remove Yourself from - DeleteMyInfo

Click "Send Verification Email," enter the email address you use for opt-out requests, complete the captcha, and then click.

Remove Yourself from - DeleteMyInfo

You should find a verification email from BeenVerified in your inbox. The "Verify Opt Out" button should be clicked.

Remove Yourself from - DeleteMyInfo

Your opt-out request has been confirmed.

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