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OkCaller Opt-out Guide: How To Remove Yourself from

Privacy preservation propels plenty of people to ponder the process of pulling their phone numbers off public platforms like If you’re among those feeling unsettled by the unrestricted access strangers have to your digits, you’ve come to the right place. 

The OkCaller Opt-out Guide offers a straightforward solution that can significantly secure your serenity. By simply searching for your number and selecting the ‘This is my number – OptOut’ button, you embark on a journey toward reclaiming your phone privacy. This is more than a mere manual; it’s a means to mend the breach in your digital defenses. 

As you venture further, you’ll uncover not only the steps to safeguard your information on but also insights into why taking such action is crucial in today’s interconnected era. Discover how to fortify your privacy and perhaps even inspire a broader conversation about the importance of digital hygiene in your community. 

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Why should you care about removing your information from OkCaller, an online phone directory that collects and displays personal data? 

In today’s digital age, your privacy is more vulnerable than ever. Platforms like OkCaller compile private data, including phone numbers, addresses, and even background information. This exposure puts you at risk of identity theft and unwanted contact. 

To protect your privacy, OkCaller offers a straightforward opt-out process. By searching for your phone number on their site and verifying your listing, you can authenticate ownership and change your caller number status to unlisted. 

This data removal step is crucial in safeguarding your personal information from potential misuse. 


Deep Dive into 

Let’s take a closer look at, an online directory that accumulates and distributes personal information, including your phone numbers and addresses, and understand the implications of their data handling practices. As a data broker site, OkCaller poses unique challenges and risks when it comes to the privacy and security of your personal information. This platform gathers extensive details, not just limited to your contact information but potentially including background data as well. 

When you opt to use OkCaller, be mindful of the information you’re required to share for verification purposes. This necessity raises concerns about identity theft, especially if your data falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it’s crucial to review the website’s privacy policies meticulously before proceeding. 

The good news is, OkCaller provides a pathway for you to regain control of your personal information through its opt-out process. By simply searching for your number on their site and selecting the ‘This is my number – OptOut’ button, you can remove your personal information. However, for a more thorough removal from multiple data broker sites, consider utilizing automated services like Optery, which streamline the process, safeguarding your privacy more efficiently. 


Why Opt-Out Matters 

Having explored the intricacies of and its data handling practices, it’s now crucial to understand the significance of opting out to protect your personal information. Data brokers, like those operating OkCaller, often profit from sharing your details, underscoring the importance of removing your data from their systems. By opting out, you’re taking a proactive step to maintain your privacy and control who has access to your information. 

Opting out is more than a measure of privacy; it’s a safeguard against potential misuse. Your personal information, if left unchecked on platforms such as OkCaller, could lead to unwanted contact or even identity theft. The site’s privacy policy may not fully shield you from these risks, making it imperative to opt out and minimize your exposure. 

DeleteMyInfo’s OkCaller Opt Out Steps​

It is primarily intended for individuals, not for businesses. But, they do have data on over 20 million firms, so if you are a business owner, it is definitely worthwhile to conduct a search for yourself.

Have you ever wondered, “How can I perform opt out process?

Here’s how to do OkCaller opt out tasks by hand:

Watch this video to Remove yourself from

How to Remove Yourself from OK Caller

1. Visit opt out

2. The Okcaller search bar is where you enter your phone number. opt out

DeleteMyInfo™ can help you save time by removing all your information from data brokers.

3. Choose whether you want to be contacted by phone or text to confirm your identity by scrolling down to the "Change your listing" portion of the website. opt out

4. To update the listing, enter the pin you were given and the new listing's caller ID. When someone searches for a phone number on the okcaller website, the information that appears is the caller ID. Use "Private," "Unknown," or "Unlisted" as the caller ID if you want to reject their platform and remove your number from their database. opt out

5. Be aware that the listing is marked as "Private" and that the phone number no longer has any related information.

DeleteMyInfo™ can help you save time by removing all your information from data brokers.

Beyond OkCaller: Comprehensive Digital Hygiene 

Diving beyond OkCaller, achieving comprehensive digital hygiene requires understanding the risks posed by data brokers and leveraging tools like DeleteMyInfo to remove your data from over 200 broker sites. It’s not just about a single platform; it’s about securing your entire digital identity across the web. Data brokers collect and sell your personal information, often without your consent, posing a significant threat to your internet privacy. 

To safeguard your consumer privacy, it’s crucial to take proactive steps. Start by using DeleteMyInfo’s automated opt-out service, which can significantly reduce your digital footprint by removing your information from numerous data broker databases. This action alone can enhance your privacy online. 

However, comprehensive digital hygiene doesn’t stop there. You should also consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your internet connection and further shield your online activities from prying eyes. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, making it much harder for third parties to track your online movements and steal sensitive information. 


Legal and Ethical Considerations of Online Directories 

Beyond securing your digital identity through tools like DeleteMyInfo, it’s crucial you understand the legal and ethical considerations of online directories to further protect your privacy. These platforms, while useful, pose risks related to your right to privacy and information privacy. Before sharing your personal information on any site, you must review the website’s privacy policy. This step ensures you’re aware of how your data will be used and protected. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has set a precedent in empowering users by granting them control over their personal information. This legislation highlights the importance of understanding your rights and the legal framework protecting your data online. Despite these protections, the manual opt-out process from such directories can be daunting, underscoring the value of efficient data removal services. 



Understanding the risks and utilizing tools like DeleteMyInfo, you’ve now got the knowledge to protect your privacy on platforms such as OkCaller. The guide has equipped you with the necessary steps to opt out and safeguard your personal information. With the increasing threats of scams and identity theft, it’s crucial to take control of where and how your information is shared. By opting out of OkCaller and making use of a removal service like DeleteMyInfo, you’re taking a significant step towards securing your privacy. 

What to do after the OkCaller Opt Out request?​

Your anxieties are still very much present, unfortunately. There are still many other websites that perform the same function and more are being developed every day.

You have more work to do if this worries you and you want to keep your information privately. Fortunately, have a solution that significantly simplifies the procedure. offers a very budget-friendly plan to delete you from Google and remove you from over 150+ data brokers that exposes your personal information. If you want to know about our plans and promotions, click here, or you may also call us at (855)-959-0311 or visit us at our office located at 3000 Gulf to Bay Blvd Suite 205, Clearwater, FL 33765.

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