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10 Things to do in clearwater Florida

10 Fun Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater, florida

Clearwater is the ideal destination for all types of travelers because to its cooling gulf air, serene white sands, and crystal-clear seas (now you know how this beautiful tourist hotspot got its name).

The sun-kissed city never lacks for interesting things to do, no matter your age or interests, whether they be adventure, art, or mindfulness.

This Florida city, which is formally a part of Pinellas County, has sunshine almost all year long thanks to the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Tampa Bay to the southeast. Outdoor activities are very popular there, both among residents and visitors, thanks to the beautiful weather.

Couples can take a romantic sunset cruise, or families can take the kids on a sailing adventure with a pirate theme. Explore countless parks, and stroll or ice skate along the city’s Beautiful Pinellas Trail. Visit the Honeymoon Island State Park’s coastline trail or unwind at the Botanical Garden by meandering through the butterfly garden.

So, with a great range of things to do in Clearwater, this beautiful oceanside city is calling. Whether you desire a trip full of theme park thrills (some of which are located in nearby Tampa) or a week snoozing on the warm sand.

Fun Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida Clearwater, Florida Sand Key Park

Photo by: TripAdvisor

In Clearwater, Florida, there are a number of free activities that are worth paying for.
It has a sandy beach section and a green park area spread across 95 acres.
Here, a Gulf artificial reef project is currently under process.
The beach, which is also one of Clearwater’s top attractions, is undoubtedly Sand Key Park’s most well-liked feature.
Seasonal lifeguards maintain safety while you unwind, swim, and engage in water sports.
You might see some turtles here if you’re lucky.
Beach wheelchairs are free of charge and available to anyone who needs them.
In the meanwhile, Sand Key Park has a lot of amenities in the park.
There are picnic tables, grills, drinking fountains, covered gazebos, restrooms, and a playground for your convenience.
You can take your dogs out to play in a dog park surrounded by greenery.
It’s interesting to note that a chunk of the park is a salt marsh.
Anhingas, herons, roseate spoonbills, common moorhens, great horned owls, and other species can be seen in this area.

You can take your dogs out to play in a dog park surrounded by greenery.
Seasonal lifeguards maintain safety while you unwind, swim and engage in water sports
You might see some turtles here if you are lucky
Beach wheelchairs are free of charge and available to

Address: 1060 Gulf Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33767, United States

Fun Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida Clearwater, Florida Moccasin Lake Nature Park
Photo by: Our Globetrotters

The 51-acre Moccasin Lake Natural Park is a tranquil haven of lush greenery.
It’s incredible that such a beautiful piece of wilderness is so close to the heavily populated US 19 area.
Because of this, visiting this park is a must whether you want to go sightseeing, exercise, or just spend time in nature.
In comparison to Florida’s crowded beaches, it feels like another planet!
Moccasin Lake Natural Park, which is in the center of Clearwater, seems like it belongs in a fairy tale.
It boasts creeks, ponds, and trails surrounded by shade oak trees.. —–

1.5 km of boardwalk pathways go over dense ferns and bubbling streams in the forest canopy area.
The Cypress Trail, meantime, leads you to a stunning bluff that overlooks a lake.
Brigham Dock is another location where you can observe wading birds flying around.
A looped wheelchair-accessible trail is also included, of course.
Visitors to Moccasin Lake Natural Park will have access to a wide range of opportunities.
The nature center offers displays of nature, and you may enroll kids in camps and educational activities there.
You can take part in informative hiking tours.
In a forested region, you can also witness other species, such as raptor birds, butterflies, peacocks, and turtles.
Even caged bald eagles are kept there, and a butterfly garden allows you to get close to these insects.
The wildlife facility at the park even helps some birds that have been injured.
A unique water tower with solar panels is also present in Moccasin Lake Nature Park.
Even while it’s not a major draw, people who enjoy the strange will find it to be an interesting sight.
No matter what you like, this park is the greatest the city has to offer!

Address: 2750 Park Trail Ln, Clearwater, FL 33759, United States

Photo by: Attraction Tickets Direct

Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise is a uniquely fun experience that has been a part of Florida for over 40 years.
Each two-hour cruise is nothing but a blast for people of all ages, especially families with children.
The company has won multiple awards and was established by a couple.
The original Captain Memo, who has sadly passed away, was an insurance agent before taking a life-changing trip across the Caribbean with his wife!
Aboard Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise, you’ll be surrounded by friendly pirates serving complimentary drinks.
Adults can go up to the third deck, which is an adults-only space, for beer, wine, and champagne.
Meanwhile, children will listen to pirate stories, go on treasure hunts, play games, fight water fun battles, paint their faces, and more!

And of course, anyone of any age can take part in the music and dancing.
The antics of Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise are further enhanced by the beautiful horizon, full of things to see.
The cruise actively seeks out dolphins, so there’s a good chance you’ll spot these friendly mammals along the way!

Address: 25 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767, United States

Baycare Ballpark Clearwater Florida
Photo by: @Threshers

The Florida State League’s Clearwater Threshers are a minor league baseball team.
Since 2001, they have competed in the North Division as a Philadelphia Phillies affiliate.
The squad used to go by the moniker Phillies for a while before changing to the Threshes in 2003 when they swapped home venues.
You’ll like watching the Cleveland Threshers play at BayCare Ballpark if you’re a sports enthusiast wondering what to do and where to go.
The venue has a stadium with a capacity of over 7,000 spectators.
Since it was completed in 2004, it has drawn a record 9,090 visitors.
It becomes even more of a cinematic experience due to the stunning panoramic views that line its backdrop.
Between April and September, BayCare Ballpark hosts 70 home games for the Threshers each season.
Not present at that time? Do not worry!
Watching the Philadelphia Phillies play here during spring training is still fun.

Address: 601 Old Coachman Rd., Clearwater, FL 33765, United States

Fun Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida Clearwater, Florida Clearwater Beach
Photo by: U.S. News Travel

Pier 60 and Clearwater Beach are a must-see when visiting this region of Florida.
These are the areas’ most convenient tourist destinations!
Also, it’s a great location to see the sun set.
2.5 kilometers of breathtakingly beautiful natural beauty make up Clearwater Beach.
The calm cove is ideal for families with kids because of its shallow, secure waters and gorgeous white sand.
This award-winning area offers a variety of activities, including beach volleyball, water sports, and building sandcastles.
A portion of this beach is Pier 60.
It is a leisure park and fishing pier that measures an incredible 1,080 feet in length.
Six covered pavilions, a telescope, and a bait house with fishing gear, memorabilia, snacks, drinks, bait, and t-shirts are all included there.
You’ll be excited to learn about the species you can catch here if you’re an avid fisher.
Snook, jacks, tarpon, spotted and silver trout, Spanish mackerel, flounders, snappers, redfish, and sheepshead are some of the fish on that list.
Pier 60 becomes a joyful site when the sun sets thanks to the artisans, entertainers, and musicians that set up shop here!
The Sugar Sand Festival and Sunset Cinema are just two of the numerous activities that take place here all year long.
Here, kids can enjoy a unique playground and a surprisingly enormous sandbox.

Address: Clearwater, FL 33767, United States

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Fun Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida Clearwater florida
Photo by: Clearwater Marine Aquarium

One of the top ten things to do in Clearwater, Florida, and one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

The exciting place is solely focused on saving and treating diverse aquatic species.

When it first opened its doors in 1972, it has worked with a variety of animals, including dolphins, turtles, and pelicans.

Also, they put an emphasis on research, instruction, and human therapy assisted by animals.

Winter and Hope are two of the standout dolphins at Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

The two were portrayed in the Dolphin Tale movie, which was also filmed at the aquarium.

Kids enjoy swimming in a huge, roomy pool.

Other aquarium inhabitants like otters, pelicans, stingrays, sharks, and turtles are also available for viewing.

With many of them, you’ll get the chance to meet them up close, discover their history, and perhaps even pet or feed them.

The shark exhibit is particularly well-liked.

The aquarium, which is a nonprofit, also presents engaging events for visitors of all ages.

It more than makes up for its lack of size with intimacy!

Nothing is more wonderful than being this close to marine life.

Address: 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater, FL 33767, United States

Fun Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida Honeymoon Island State Park Clearwater florida
Photo by: Clearwater Marine Aquarium

One of the most picturesque spots to visit is Honeymoon Island State Park, which is 11 miles from Clearwater.
It is a well-known hideaway that would be ideal for a quick weekend excursion.
It got its name from a Life magazine contest for newlyweds held in the early 1900s and is known for its romantic flare.
Winners would be sent to this island to enjoy a vacation in the height of lavish tropical splendor.
Honeymoon Island State Park is still a very well-liked attraction for tourists despite no longer serving as a specific prize location.
Beautiful white sand beaches make for a great backdrop for a vacation, and the state park itself is one of the most popular in the state because to its protection.
More than 4 miles of beaches, a 3 mile nature walk, an educational nature center, and vehicle rentals may all be found in Honeymoon Island State Park.
Bald eagles, manatees, great horned owls, egrets, songbirds, ospreys, dolphins, and herons are just a few of the many animal species that call it home.

Address: 1 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698, United States

Photo by: Tampa Bay Times

A 5-acre area houses the Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center.
It is housed in a masonry, two-story building that was constructed in 1906.
This was once the location of the South Ward School, which ran for more than 125 years.
After the school was closed, this building deteriorated for a while.

Parts of the structure have been renovated and made accessible to the public in recent years.
As a result, the Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center were created.
Visits to the center are among the enjoyable things to do in Clearwater because of the variety of artifacts and exhibitions it houses.
Keep in mind that you must arrange a tour in advance.

Address: 610 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756, United States

Photo by: Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Cliff Stephens Park is a 44-acre park sanctuary that is beautiful, peaceful, and lush.
It is located 4 miles east of the center of Clearwater.
It’s also one of the best destinations in the area for recreation.

Waterfowl of every kind are present in its pond, which adds to the scenic surroundings.
Cliff Stephens Park offers a variety of activities for you to partake in.
There are many paved pathways there where you may cycle, walk, skate, or just meander.
You can eat at your leisure or quickly and quickly at picnic tables and grills.
Moreover, there is a spot for frisbee golf and an exercise course.
Another essential component of the Southwest Florida Water Management District is Cliff Stephens Park.
Clearwater and the areas around it, it is in charge of managing rainwater and protecting the area from flooding.
It is appropriately equipped with four docks that surround the reservoir area and a boat launch in its southeast corner.
For boats exclusively, you can use paddles or electric motors.

Address: 901 Fairwood Ave, Clearwater, FL 33759, United States

Photo by: Daytona Beach

Miniature golf is a really decent pick if you’re looking for attractions for family outings!
Congo River Golf is fantastic for that.
The course, which is regarded as the greatest in Clearwater, Florida, is somewhat difficult and has an awesome adventure concept.
With hidden tunnels, mountains, lush tropical vegetation, and substantial waterfalls all around, this implies that its features are especially intriguing.
In addition to golf, Congo River Golf has other attractions.
You can search for gems in a challenge to mine them.
Alligators can be fed live.
Games in an arcade room are appealing.
But, the exploration game, in which you attempt to tread in the footsteps of explorers, is unquestionably one of the most captivating.
As you explore, you’ll need to locate their riches!

Address: 20060 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States

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