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How To Remove Information From

Do you want DeleteMyInfo to remove your information from data brokers?

How To Remove Information From

What is

The most popular free people search engine is, which receives over 6 million monthly visits. The website posts contact and biographical data about people online. You must submit an opt-out request on PeekYou’s website in order to have your data deleted from their system.

How Can I Get My Information Off

Have you ever wondered, “How do I delete my information from PeekYou?” 

Here’s how to do PeekYou opt out tasks by hand:

DeleteMyInfo's PeekYou Opt-Out Steps

How To Remove Yourself From


Visit page. Click search after entering your first, last, and location in the search field.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Locate the corresponding result, and then click your name to access your profile.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Note: PeekYou gathers data from many people-search databases; if the icon next to your name is green and features a white person, the record is from PeekYou. Additionally, the website may retrieve your own original photos and add them next to your report. Either a picture or an icon is present.


Click the “Opt Out” in the top-right corner of your selected record.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

DeleteMyInfo can help you save time by removing all your information from data brokers.


Completing the opt-out form Duplicate the email you entered in the "Email Verify" section. Please be aware that PeekYou requires a distinct email address for each opt-out request you make on their website. Use a different email address or a temporary email generator if yours has already been used. Next, complete the CAPTCHA and check the boxes that appear. Select "Submit" from the menu.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

PeekYou will send you a verification email. If you want to confirm your removal request, click the link in the email.

Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo
Remove Information From - DeleteMyInfo

Call to Remove PeekYou Via Phone Number

You can also call PeekYou and ask them to erase your information from their system. Call (909) 202-7347 to speak with PeekYou customer care. Get ready to share details about yourself, such as your full name, present and previous addresses, age, and connection to the record you want deleted. Inform the customer service agent that you want PeekYou to delete your record.

Request for PeekYou Removal Via Email

Alternately, you can send an email to and request to opt out. Have your full name, date of birth, current and prior addresses, and the URL of the record you want deleted on hand when you do that. This data will be used by PeekYou to find your profile. To submit your request, use the template below. Please be aware that submitting the initial opt-out procedures listed above rather than sending an email might be more effective.

Your removal request has been received and confirmed

What to do after the Opt Out request?

Your worries are still present, unfortunately. There are still many other websites that
perform the same function and more are being developed every day.
You have more work to do if this worries you and you want to keep your information private. Fortunately, have a solution that significantly simplifies the procedure. offers a very budget-friendly plan to delete you from Google and remove you from over 150+ data brokers that exposes your personal information. If you want to know about our plans and promotions, click here, or you may also call us at (855)-959-0311 or visit us at our office located at 3000 Gulf to Bay Blvd Suite 205, Clearwater, FL 33765.

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