DeleteMyInfo Delete me Review Review is transforming the way individuals access information through its comprehensive platform. With an extensive database and a range of powerful features, has become a trusted resource for conducting thorough background checks and uncovering valuable insights. In this blog, we will explore the standout features of and how it can help you gain a deeper understanding of the people in your life.

Features Description:

• People Search: offers a robust People Search feature that allows users to access detailed information about individuals. By entering a person’s name, address, phone number, or email, users can obtain comprehensive reports that include contact details, address history, criminal records, social media profiles, and more. Whether you’re reconnecting with an old friend or investigating a potential business partner, People Search provides the information you need.

• Background Checks: specializes in providing comprehensive background checks. With its vast database and advanced search algorithms, users can delve into a person’s background to gain a comprehensive understanding of their history. This feature is invaluable for employers seeking to make informed hiring decisions or individuals aiming to ensure their safety when interacting with new acquaintances.

• Reverse Phone Lookup: The Reverse Phone Lookup feature enables users to identify the owner of a phone number. By simply entering a phone number, users can uncover valuable details and establish connections with individuals. This feature is especially useful for verifying unknown callers or conducting due diligence on phone contacts.

• Reverse Address Lookup:’s Reverse Address Lookup allows users to gather information about a specific address. By entering an address, users can access details such as property ownership, previous residents, and even neighborhood insights. This feature is helpful for individuals conducting real estate research, verifying addresses, or investigating a particular location.

• Email Search:’s Email Search feature provides users with information about the owner of an email address. This can be useful for verifying the authenticity of emails or identifying unknown senders.

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Pros and Cons: Pros of

Extensive Information: PeopleFinders offers comprehensive reports that provide a wealth of information, including contact details, address history, and criminal records. This comprehensive data ensures that you have a complete picture when conducting background checks or researching someone’s history.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform features a user-friendly interface that makes navigation and information retrieval seamless. Regardless of your technical background, PeopleFinders’ intuitive design ensures a smooth experience for all users.

Data Accuracy: PeopleFinders sources data from reliable and trustworthy sources, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. This is crucial when making important decisions based on background checks.

Cons of

• Premium Access: While offers some basic information for free, accessing comprehensive reports and detailed information requires a subscription or payment. This may be a drawback for users seeking extensive data without additional costs.

• Legal Restrictions: adheres to legal restrictions and regulations regarding the use of personal data. Consequently, certain information may be limited or restricted based on privacy laws, potentially affecting the completeness of reports.

• Data Availability: Like any background check service, the availability and accuracy of data depend on various factors, including data sources, information updates, and public records. There may be instances where the information provided is not entirely up to date or accurate.

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How to Remove Your Information from

1. How to Remove Yourself from

2. is a popular platform for conducting background checks and finding information about individuals. If you wish to remove your information from, follow the steps below:

3. Visit Go to the official website of PeopleFinders at

4. Perform a Search: On the homepage, enter your name, city, and state in the search fields provided. Then, click on the “Search” button.

5. Copy the Profile Link: Once the search results appear, locate your matching profile. Right-click on the name of the profile and select “Copy link address” or a similar option.

6. Access the Opt-Out Page: Open a new browser tab or window and navigate to the PeopleFinders opt-out page.

7. Submit the Removal Request: On the opt-out page, you will be prompted to paste the URL/link you copied in Step 3. Paste the link in the designated field. Provide your email address and complete any captcha or verification process required. Then, click on the “Send Request” button.

8. Check Your Email: Open your email inbox and look for an email from PeopleFinders. This email will contain a link or instructions to confirm and complete the removal process. Click on the opt-out link provided in the email.

9. Confirmation Page: After clicking the opt-out link, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. This page will indicate that your information removal request has been processed successfully.

10. By following these steps, you can initiate the removal process of your information from However, it’s important to note that the removal may take some time to be fully reflected on the website. Additionally, your information may still be available on other public records or data sources, so regular monitoring and follow-up may be necessary to ensure your privacy.

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Conclusion: is a powerful resource that provides users with extensive background check capabilities and detailed insights. With features like People Search, Background Checks, Reverse Phone Lookup, Reverse Address Lookup, and Email Search, it equips users with the necessary tools to gather comprehensive information about individuals. While there may be some limitations and considerations, remains a valuable platform for conducting thorough research and making informed decisions. By following the opt-out steps provided, you can take control of your personal information and privacy.

How to Remove Information from

Do you want DeleteMyInfo to remove your information from data brokers?

PeopleFinders Opt-out Guide : How to Remove Information from

You might think removing your information from PeopleFinders is a daunting task, but it’s more straightforward than you’d expect. In an era where privacy seems like a luxury, taking control of your digital footprint is not just a possibility but a necessity.   

The PeopleFinders Opt-out Guide is your ally in this journey, offering a clear, concise pathway to reclaim your privacy. By following the steps laid out, you’ll learn not only how to erase your data from their database but also gain insights into broader privacy protection techniques.   

This guide isn’t just about a one-time fix; it’s about empowering you with knowledge and tools to continuously safeguard your personal information. As you embark on this path, you’ll discover the significance of each step in the opt-out process and why understanding your legal rights and options matters in the grand scheme of protecting your online presence. 

Table of Contents


In today’s digital age, deciding to remove your personal information from online databases like PeopleFinders is a crucial step towards safeguarding your privacy. Data brokers, such as PeopleFinders, collect and compile personal information, making it accessible to the public. This can lead to unwanted attention and privacy breaches. Understanding the PeopleFinders opt-out process is essential in taking control of your online presence.   

The PeopleFinders opt-out guide serves as a comprehensive tool, guiding you through the necessary steps to initiate your opt-out request. It’s designed to empower you with the knowledge to protect your personal information effectively. The guide outlines the specific details needed to successfully submit your request, ensuring you’re well-informed of the requirements. 

Moreover, the guide provides assistance through instructional videos and customer care support, making the opt-out process as smooth as possible. By following the structured steps and adhering to the privacy policy, you can navigate the opt-out process with confidence. 

It’s important to note, however, that there are limitations and legal disclaimers associated with this service. Despite these, taking the step to opt out from PeopleFinders is a proactive measure in managing your digital footprint and enhancing your privacy.   

Why Remove Your Data? 

Having grasped the steps to initiate your opt-out request, it’s crucial to understand why protecting your personal data from online databases is imperative. In today’s digital age, where data breaches and identity theft are increasingly common, safeguarding your information privacy is more important than ever. By removing your data, you’re taking a proactive step towards enhancing your internet privacy and minimizing your risk of falling victim to malicious activities. 

Opting out serves as a shield against unauthorized access to your personal information, significantly reducing the likelihood of identity theft. It also helps prevent your details from being exploited in a data breach, where sensitive information can be exposed to cybercriminals. 

Beyond these security benefits, prioritizing your internet privacy by opting out contributes to a greater sense of control over your digital footprint. You’ll likely notice a decrease in unsolicited communications, further protecting your privacy and contributing to a cleaner inbox and fewer unwanted phone calls. 

In essence, the decision to remove your data from public databases like PeopleFinders underscores a commitment to your information privacy and internet privacy. It empowers you to safeguard your identity and personal details, ensuring you’re less vulnerable in an ever-connected world.   

Gathering Your Data   

Before opting out, it’s crucial you understand where and how your personal data gets collected by sites like PeopleFinders. The PeopleFinders opt-out guide emphasizes the importance of recognizing the sources of public records and other channels that contribute to the accumulation of your information in their database. This process, known as data collection, often involves gathering details from various public and semi-public records, including voter registrations, real estate transactions, and court records.   

Understanding the types of personal data accessible through people search sites is the next step. These can range from basic contact information to more sensitive data, potentially leading to risks associated with having your data available on these platforms. The guide stresses the significance of being aware of these risks and the potential impact of opting out on your online presence. 

Moreover, the PeopleFinders opt-out guide sheds light on the methods used to gather and display your personal information. This includes data re-identification, a process by which anonymous data is matched with publicly available information to re-identify individuals. By familiarizing yourself with these aspects, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions about managing your online privacy.   

The Opt-Out Journey   

After understanding how your data gets collected, you’re now ready to embark on the opt-out journey, a crucial step towards regaining control of your personal information online. The PeopleFinders opt-out guide serves as your roadmap through this process, ensuring you navigate the steps to remove your information with ease. 

Starting your opt-out involves locating your profile URL on PeopleFinders. This unique link is essential as it directly points to the information you wish to have removed. Next, you’ll enter your email address, a necessary step that allows PeopleFinders to confirm your identity and ensure that the request for personal data removal comes directly from you. It’s a safeguard for your privacy and the integrity of the process. 

Following your submission, you’ll receive an email to confirm your opt-out request. This step is crucial; it finalizes your intention to remove your information from the database. It’s a testament to PeopleFinders’ commitment to user privacy and control over personal data.   

Embarking on this opt-out journey is a significant move towards protecting your online privacy. By following the PeopleFinders opt-out guide, you’re taking an active role in managing your personal information and safeguarding your digital footprint.   

Verifying Data Removal  

To ensure your personal information is truly off the grid, it’s crucial to verify the successful removal of your data following the opt-out process. The PeopleFinders opt-out guide emphasizes the importance of this step to solidify your online privacy. After you’ve submitted your removal request, an essential action is to check your email. You should receive a confirmation email containing a verification link. Clicking this link is necessary to finalize the data removal process. 

However, your diligence shouldn’t stop there. It’s advisable to check back on the PeopleFinders site within 24 hours to confirm that your opt-out request has indeed been processed successfully. This step ensures that your information is no longer accessible and that the removal request was effective. 

## Legal Considerations and Rights 

Understanding your legal rights is fundamental when dealing with the privacy and control of your personal information on data broker websites. It’s vital to know the law surrounding privacy settings, how data brokers operate, and your legal considerations and rights. 

Data brokers, like PeopleFinders, collect and sell personal information, often used for consumer reports. This practice raises significant privacy concerns.  

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the legal disclaimers and terms of service related to opting out of personal information listings. These documents outline your rights and the limitations imposed by the data broker. Knowing these details can empower you to make informed decisions about protecting your privacy.   

Additionally, be aware of the legal responsibility of data brokers in handling your personal information. Laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provide guidelines on how consumer reports can be used. Although not all activities of data brokers fall under the FCRA, understanding the legal implications of sharing personal information on public databases is crucial. 

## Protecting Your Privacy 

Protecting your privacy is crucial to avoid identity theft and unwanted solicitations. In the digital age, safeguarding your personal information both online and offline has become more important than ever. With the rise of data mining and cybercrime, taking steps to ensure your digital privacy can significantly reduce your risk of becoming a victim.  

The internet, while a powerful tool, can also be a double-edged sword when it comes to personal information security.   

Opting out of services like PeopleFinders is a proactive move in managing your online presence. It allows you to control the availability of your personal information on the internet, thus minimizing the chances of it being misused.   

## Conclusion 

Given the potential risks to your privacy and security, opting out of PeopleFinders is a crucial step in managing your personal information online. The PeopleFinders opt-out guide provides you with a clear, step-by-step guide to navigate through the process seamlessly. By following the instructions detailed on the opt-out page, you can send a request to remove your data, ensuring that your personal details are no longer available on their platform.  

Opting out isn’t just about reclaiming a piece of your privacy; it’s about safeguarding your identity against potential threats such as scams, stalking, and cybercrime. The simple act of submitting your email address and following through with the opt-out process empowers you to control the visibility and accessibility of your personal information on the internet. 

## Conclusion 

In conclusion, taking control of your online privacy by opting out of PeopleFinders is a proactive step towards protecting your personal information. 

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ve learned how to remove your data, understand your legal rights, and secure your privacy further.   

Remember, safeguarding your online footprint is an ongoing process. Stay vigilant, regularly check for your data online, and embrace the power you have over your personal information. 

Your privacy matters—defend it. 

Watch this video to Remove yourself from

DeleteMyInfo's PeopleFinders Opt Out Guide

How to Remove Yourself from

2. Enter your Name, City, and State then click the “Search” button.

Delete My Info - People Finders search your information

3. Find the matching result, right-click on the name of the profile and click “Copy link address”.

Delete My Info - PeopleFinders search your listing

DeleteMyInfo can help you save time by removing all your information from data brokers.

5. Paste the URL/link you copied, your email, answer the captcha, then click the “Send Request” button.

Delete My Info - PeopleFinders removal form

6. Check your inbox to find an email from PeopleFinders. Follow the opt-out link in the email to finish the removal process.

Remove Information from - DeleteMyInfo

7. Finally, you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page.

Delete My Info - People Finders removal confirmed

People Finders Removal Via Phone Number Call

Another way for you to remove your record from People Finders is to contact their customer service at (800) 718-8997 Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm PST, and Saturday – Sunday, 7:00 am – 3:30 pm PST. 

Have your personal information handy, including your full name, current and past addresses, DOB, and other information needed to locate your record correctly. Tell the customer representative that you wish to have your record removed. Please note that this opt-out method is verbal, therefore check back with People Finders in 72 hours.

What to do after the Opt Out request?

Your worries are still present, unfortunately. There are still many other websites that perform the same function and more are being developed every day. You have more work to do if this worries you and you want to keep your information private. Fortunately, have a solution that significantly simplifies the procedure. offers a very budget-friendly plan to delete you from Google and remove you from over 150+ data brokers that exposes your personal information. If you want to know about our plans and promotions, click here, or you may also call us at (855)-959-0311 or visit us at our office located at 3000 Gulf to Bay Blvd Suite 205, Clearwater, FL 33765.

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