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How to Stop Dynata from Calling

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How to Stop Dynata from Calling

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Unwanted phone calls are inconvenient and a waste of time. These phone calls frequently disrupt your thoughts and cause you to abandon what you were doing at inappropriate times. All of this is done so that a business somewhere can try to sell you something, or, worse, so that a con artist can trick you into paying.

Although a little different, Dynata (formerly Survey Sampling International) is just as disruptive. The company appears to be respectable enough, and it is not attempting to sell you anything. Unsuspecting people are called by its call center employees in an effort to encourage them to answer survey questions for its clients.

If you want to find out how to stop Dynata calls from ruining your day and how to protect yourself against con artists posing as Dynata, you may continue reading.

Dynata advertises itself as an organization that gathers first-party data for research purposes. Dynata does market research and offers its clients information on market trends by fusing phone conversations with web tracking.

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Why is Dynata calling me?

How to Stop Dynata from Calling dynata deletemyinfo
You’re likely receiving a call from Dynata, formerly known as E-Rewards Services, asking you to take part in a survey for one of its clients. These polls ask about everything, including political opinions and brand preferences.

Do Dynata research calls involve fraud?

Actual calls from Dynata are not fraudulent; rather, they are a result of the research that Dynata uses in its operations. Yet, there are frauds that capitalize on Dynata’s credibility. On the cover of surveys, con artists posing as Dynata representatives run phishing and other frauds.

A con artist may ask pointed questions and compile personal data about you under the guise of consumer or market research. In advance of the next election, a real Dynata caller might inquire about your opinion of a certain brand or your political beliefs.

They won’t, however, try to convince you to pay them money or ask for your Social Security number. Fraudsters could carry out similar actions and more to obtain your personal information. Some may even attempt to convince you to install software on your computer so they may access your files.

The issue is that it’s frequently impossible to distinguish whether a call is coming from Dynata or a phony employee. Dynata calls can originate from a variety of different numbers; occasionally they’ll have a local area code and occasionally they won’t. There is therefore no surefire way to find out simply by looking at your smartphone.

Just refusing to answer calls from unknown callers is the failsafe strategy. If not, you may keep safe by never disclosing sensitive information to anyone online or over the phone. Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to take part in Dynata surveys and that you are not required to stay on the phone if you feel uncomfortable.

Call Dynata on its toll-free number at 1-866-360-9678 (North America) or 1-801-379-4094 if you’re concerned about a recent call you received from someone purporting to be from the company (outside North America). You may also go to the Dynata contact page to speak with a representative. 

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How to stop Dynata calls

Blocking the caller’s phone number won’t help because Dynata staff will call you from a variety of different numbers, making it impossible to stop them.

Never answering calls from unfamiliar numbers will work, but if Dynata has your number on file and starts phoning you more frequently, this will rapidly grow tiresome.

Requesting to be included to Dynata’s no-contact list is the best strategy to cease calls from the company. You will then be unsubscribed from further survey calls. Call toll-free 1-833-757-1746 (North America) or 1-801-341-0764 to be added to the no-contact list (outside North America).

For further information regarding a call you’ve received, you may also contact Dynata toll-free at 1-866-360-9678 (in North America) or 1-801-379-4094 (outside of North America).

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What to do after the Dynata Opt Out request?

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