Our Story

We find and delete your private information from the top data broker websites (who sell your information) and then continuously monitor for exposure once deleted.

The idea of “Take back your Privacy” on the internet was first conceived in 2004, by Jason Wolfe of Wolfe, LLC when he purchased the domain deletemyinfo.com with the anticipation of starting a data removal company to live a more private life online. However, Jason put this idea on hold to pursue his true passion, online gift cards later pioneering online gifting with giftcards.com, giftcardgranny.com, and giftaya.com.

Fast forward almost 20 years later, a unique story brought three entrepreneurs together, each having their own frustrations with data brokers selling their information. Sharing his idea with Dustin Baldwin, CEO and Henry Wolfe, CTO, Jason through his company Wolfe, LLC acted as an incubator to see the idea of Deletemyinfo come to life as one of the leading data removal services available in the US today.


How DeleteMyInfo Works


Take Back your Privacy

Reduce your Digital Footprint
Reduce Spam and Robo Calls
Reduce Junk Mail and Emails
Take Back your Privacy!

Take Back your Privacy. Deletemyinfo provides our customers with a fast and effective way to remove their personal information from the world’s top data brokers, guaranteed. By removing our clients’ profiles off of data broker sites we can improve their digital footprint and privacy while improving their individual and business search results on Google.

Removing a customer’s information on data broker sites also prevents them from selling their information to spammers, marketing agencies, and other big businesses, which often results in reduced robo calls, junk mails, and stalking.

Our Vision

Living a more private life and saving you the most precious commodity, time. Removing a profile from a data broker’s site can be time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention removing from 40 of them and then constantly monitoring for the same information to reappear.

Our value proposition is to take the time and frustration away from our customers by finding, deleting, and continuously monitoring their private information online for them so they can focus on what matters most. Our service has saved our customers 15-20 hours (on average) in searching and opting out of data broker websites.


Our Core Values


The foundation of our company is trust and loyalty.


We seek to improve through continuous innovation.


Remain motivated and committed to our best performance in everything that we do.


Create social cohesion and collaboration throughout the company.

Our Leadership

Henry Wolfe
Wolfe, LLC