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Data Brokers Are Selling Your Personal Information All Over The Internet.

We are here to HELP!

DeleteMyInfo is the FASTEST way to remove your PERSONAL INFORMATION from Google and ALL Major Data Brokers.

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Find out which DATA BROKERS sell your Personal Information!


How Does DeleteMyInfo Work?

**If you find your profile from other brokers’ sites that are not included in the report,
let us know, send us the URL and we’ll be more than happy to work on it.
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Choose The Plan That’s Right For You and Your Family

And get:

  • Dedicated Live Privacy Experts
  • Privacy Dashboard
  • ALL Major Broker Sites Removal (any websites we found your information on)
  • Google Search Removal
  • Custom Removal
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Option to add unlimited phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry
The National Do Not Call Registry stops the telemarketing calls you receive.
Stop unwanted sales calls by adding this feature to your plan.
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Annual Protection for 1 Person


Per Month

Billed Annually ($126  $120/year)

For 1 person, For 1 year

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Annual Protection for 2 People


Per Month

Billed Annually ($240 $204/year)

For 2 people, For 1 year

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Annual Protection for up to


Per Month

Billed Annually ($360 $295/year)

For 3 to 10 people, For 1 year

DeleteMyInfo caters to U.S. residents only. All plans automatically renew unless canceled before the renewal date.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Unlike some of our competitors, DeleteMyInfo, doesn't run or affiliate with ANY Data Broker Site.

Some companies offer removal from more than 200 Broker Sites, but that’s just a show-off and the truth is, they own or have partnerships with these Broker Sites. Remember that these Data Brokers hate companies like DeleteMyInfo so if you see an advertisement of a company inside a Data Broker Site saying that they will remove your information from that site, that’s a big RED FLAG.

We searched for 1,000 individuals on over 300 data broker websites and found that 99% of all information was only published on as of now, 140+ Major Broker Sites. DeleteMyInfo removes you from, but are not limited to these top Major Data Brokers so that your private information on social media, public records, and other sources, is not scraped and sold as a package deal. If you find your profile from other brokers’ sites that are not included in the report, let us know, send us the URL and we’ll be more than happy to work on it. 

Remember:  when other companies claim they remove from these many sites, it is only to make you feel like you’re getting more value when in reality they’re only finding your information on a limited number of websites. 

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For Us, Everything Is URGENT!

DeleteMyInfo’s Automated System searches for your information all over the internet and a set of dedicated Privacy Experts manually and carefully check everything and make sure that ALL CUSTOMER DATA will be deleted.

We treat all our customers as VIPs and removing your personal information should be done as soon and as accurately as possible.

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