Protect your company and easily eliminate personal information from the internet.

Take full control of your company’s reputation – remove acounts from online and ensure privacy for your business customers, HR departmets, corporate managemnt teams, benefits department, and others.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Risk and Cybersecurity Events

Information is stolen online every day. Despite frequent phishing training and education to prevent leaked data, hackers are increasingly persistent and sophisticated. They try to get their hands on sensitive information or infect company with malware by any means possible. Private employee information is then collected and sold to the highest bidder, including details such as phone number, date of birth, home address, passwords, emails, credit cards, and much more.

With our help, you can safeguard your company and employee data and remove accounts from the internet – and together, we can take the wind out of the next hacker’s sails.

Our Business Services

Gain peace of mind by strengthening your company’s security. If you handle employee information as an HR representative, department manager, or other team members, you can free up your time and worry less about phishing attacks with our comprehensive business services. Our program removes employee footprints and personably identifiable information from data broker sites around the internet, making it impossible to trace anything that may be accidentally exposed. We help wipe and delete accounts and personal information from the internet quickly, easily, and reliably.

Our Business Services

In 2021, CISCO confirmed that phishing accounts for roughly 90% of data breaches. Proactively eliminate the risk, delete accounts from online when needed, and keep your company and employee data as safe as possible. Find your information in good glands and find out more about how we can protect you today.

How DeleteMyInfo Works To Benefit Your Business

Actively protect your HR departments that handle employee salaries, payroll, and other crucial information
Defend managment departments and other leaders with access to high-level data

Ensure your employees are protected with account deleting and removal of their information from the internet

Keep your company safe from phishing attacks, stolen information, and security breaches