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What websites does DeleteMyInfo remove me from?

What websites does DeleteMyInfo remove me from?

We searched for 1,000 individuals on over 300 data broker websites and found that 99% of all information was only published on as of now, these 150+ Major Broker Sites. When other companies claim they remove you from 200+ sites, it is only to make you feel like you’re getting more value when in reality they’re only finding your information on a limited number of websites and we only need to remove you from these MAJOR sites and you’ll be removed from other sub-data broker sites.

And yes, the number of sites keeps on growing so we continue monitoring the internet and as soon as we detected another MAJOR broker site/s that’s not included in our list yet, we’ll add them immediately.

**If you find your profile from other brokers’ sites that are not included in the report, let us know, send us the URL and we’ll be more than happy to work on it.

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