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How To Remove Information

The people-search website offers name searches, address lookups, and reverse phone looks. They advertise themselves as “the greatest destination to gather the background data you need” on their website. They do exchange a lot of personal information, like location history, contact information, relatives, and more, whether it is real or not. You must file a removal request on the FastBackgroundCheck website in order to opt out of the service.

Have you ever wondered, “How can I perform opt out process? 

Here’s how to do FastBackgroundCheck opt out tasks by hand: 


DeleteMyInfo’s Opt Out Steps


Visit the Fast Background Check website to start the removal process.


Scroll down the page and look for the link that says, "Do Not Sell My Personal Information," and click it.


DeleteMyInfo can help you save time by removing all your information from data brokers.


Enter your email address, check the Agreement box, then complete the Captcha on the resulting page. Then select "Begin Removal Process" from the menu.

Note: To opt out of Fas tBackground Check and other people-search databases like Spokeo, Instant Checkmate, CheckPeople, etc., we advise you to create a different email account that doesn’t reveal your personal information. It will stop these websites from storing and perhaps publicizing the email address you use for both personal and professional reasons. You could also make use of a temporary email address. But remember to complete the opt-out procedure before your email account is automatically deleted.


Enter your entire name, city, and state in the people search box, then click the "FastBackgroundCheck" button.


Search the list of results to find your listing. Keep an eye out for more information like addresses, phone numbers, and relatives. Click on your record when you've located it.


Verify that the report contains all of your personal information to be sure it is your record. Then select "Remove My Record" from the menu. If there isn't one, your session may have expired and you'll need to start the opt-out process over if there isn't one.


Find an email from FastBackgroundCheck in your inbox. Open it, then click the deletion link.


Your request to opt out has been granted. The removal of your record must happen within 72 hours.

Additional methods to get in touch with FastBackgroundCheck

You may get in touch with in the following ways: through their website’s contact form, over the phone at (888) 747-4094, or by mail at 4845 Pearl East Cir., Ste. Boulder, Colorado 80301-6112, 118.

Please be aware that FastBackgroundCheck does not accept opt-out requests sent by fax or mail.

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