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Nuwber is a major people search engine that collects personal information from White Pages listings, Public Records, social medias, and other sources. This broker site exposes your sensitive information such as first and last name, aliases, birthdate, phone numbers, email addresses, current and previous addresses, possible relatives, social media profiles, and much more.

To remove your information from Nuwber, you simply need to submit an Nuwber opt-out request on their website and your data will be removed immediately.

DeleteMyInfo's Nuwber Opt-Out Guide

How to Remove Your Information from


Enter your first and last name, specify your city and the state. Click on the “Search” button.

Remove Information from - DeleteMyInfo

Tick the checkbox and click the “I agree” button to get started.

Remove Information from - DeleteMyInfo

Find the matching profile and either click on the name or the “View details” link.

Remove Information from - DeleteMyInfo

Scroll down to the “Control your listing” section and click on the “NUWBER OPT OUT” link.

Delete My Info - Remove Information from Nuwber

Click the “OPT OUT” button.

Remove Information from - DeleteMyInfo

Enter your email address, (perform a CAPTCHA if there is) and click the “Remove” button.

Remove Information from Nuwber - DeleteMyInfo

Check your inbox for the verification email, click on the “Confirm Request” button to complete the removal process

Remove Information from Nuwber - DeleteMyInfo

Your removal request has been successfully submitted.

**Nuwber will remove your information immediately after you confirm the request and will take about 2 minutes for you to receive the confirmation email from them that your information has been deleted.

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