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Do you want DeleteMyInfo to remove your information from data brokers?

How To Remove Your Information From

Hundreds of millions of Americans’ personally identifiable information (PII) is gathered by the data broker True People Search. Anyone can search its database, making it very likely that sensitive information about you will end up in the wrong hands.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to regularly monitor these types of websites and remove any personal data that you uncover in order to prevent spam, fraud, and robocalls as well as spam and scam SMS.

You must fill out an online form in order to complete a TruePeopleSearch removal.

Your information will thereafter be deleted within 24 hours. Oftentimes, a listing does not look as it should throughout the removal procedure, so you might need to contact their customer service department to make sure the removal is handled completely and accurately.

Have you ever been curious about “How can I remove my information from TruePeopleSearch”?

Here’s how to do out tasks by hand:


DeleteMyInfo’s TruePeopleSearch Opt Out Steps


Start by visiting their website at Click "Remove My Info" at the footer by scrolling down.

Remove Your Information From - DeleteMyInfo

DeleteMyInfo can help you save time by removing all your information from data brokers.


A box titled "Return My Info" will appear. You can see here that you must complete their "opt-out" form, which is not available on their website. However, you can select the "Contact Us" tab from the menu on the left.

Remove Your Information From - DeleteMyInfo

To request the opt-out form, send an email to their customer service department at It can take several attempts for you to successfully complete your TruePeopleSearch opt out. We advise exercising both perseverance and patience.

Remove Your Information From - DeleteMyInfo

After you submit the form, your listing should be taken down within 48 hours.

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