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How to Stop Spam Text Messages from Groups

How to Stop Spam Text Messages from Groups - DeleteMyInfo

You can communicate with several individuals at once by using group texting. It can be abused, though, just like any other communication medium.

Spam texts and phishing scams via group chat may be the outcome.

You’re not the only one if you’ve lately received a spam group SMS. Fortunately, both iOS and Android users can take protective measures.

Learn about spam texts’ techniques.

Businesses may engage with customers through texts, but more and more con artists are using the service for nefarious ends.

Scammers use a variety of spam text types to harvest personal data like your name or social security number and use it to commit fraud against you. These consist of:

  • Offers for free gifts
  • Service notifications for deliveries
  • Block notifications from accounts
  • Payment confirmations from recently
  • Notices of recent statements

The content of spam group texts is likely to be broad and focused on “winning prizes,” “receiving freebies,” or “clicking links” when they occur.

Now, if you’ve ever gotten a group text, you’ve probably seen the mayhem that ensues once your phone’s notifications go off. For instance, iPhone users can include up to 32 numbers in a group text. Up to 20 recipients can be added on some of the most recent Android devices.

Scammers specifically try to take advantage of the uncertainty that group messages and notifications offer in order to more effectively target you for an SMS scam.

How To Identify A Text Fraud

How to Stop Spam Text Messages from Groups - DeleteMyInfo

If you unexpectedly received a group text, it might be a simple hoax. When recipients in the group detect it, they typically begin to “leave” the chat right away.

Other indications that you might be dealing with a con artist are as follows:

Unknown senders – It can be a scam if you’ve been added to a group that includes phone numbers you don’t know. Due to security reasons, most businesses never add clients to group SMS.

Typos – Spelling errors are a clear sign that you’re dealing with a con artist. Spelling errors in official communications are unacceptable for any reliable company.

Links that are unusual is yet another sign that you are dealing with a fraud. It’s recommended to avoid clicking any links given to you by text, even if they contain words you are familiar with.

Text that mentions a “offer only valid for 30 minutes” is probably a fraud. This is a trick used by con artists to get you to click links without thinking.

How Android And iOS Are Combating Spam Group Messages

By enhancing features in their operating systems, Apple and Google are continually working to prevent text scammers from being able to contact their customers.

The businesses also also offer helpful web resources for identifying and preventing spam messages and spam group messaging.

Users have the option to report and block unwanted spam messages and robocalls from numbers they think may be scammers on both iOS and Android.

Delete spam messages on iPhone

How to Stop Spam Text Messages from Groups - DeleteMyInfo

Users of iOS can report and block any number classified as spam as well as “leave” group chats in their messaging app.

On an iOS device, open the text message, select the “Group” icon, scroll to the bottom, and select “Leave This Conversation.”

Go to Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Senders on your iPhone to enable the spam filter.

On an iPhone, report spam texts.

In addition to banning spam SMS, you ought to report the correspondence. The information will be given to the Apple team for investigation if you report the message.

Press “Report Junk” > “Delete and Report Junk” in the message.

Delete Spam Messages on Android
How to Stop Spam Text Messages from Groups - DeleteMyInfo

For Android users, there are numerous ways to halt spam messages or block spam group SMS.

Choose “Block Number” from the conversation’s menu at the top of the text. To erase the chat from your messages page, click “Delete Conversation.”

You can also hold down the “Block” button while selecting “Report Spam” and then “OK.”

By selecting Settings > Spam Protection > Enable Spam Protection, you may also activate the spam filters on your Android device.

Spam SMS messages on Android

In addition to banning, you can also immediately report spam texts. In other words, Google will get a report with the spammer’s latest ten messages and contact information.

Press the three dots in the conversation’s upper right corner, then select “More Options” > “Details” > “Block & Report Spam” > “OK” to report spam.

What else can iOS or Android users do to stop spam texts?

In addition to turning on the spam filters built into your phone, download a third-party software to further monitor and limit the spam texts and calls you receive.

Both the Apple and Android app stores provide a wide variety of services, however some of the more well-liked choices include:

This program, RobotKiller, which is compatible with both iOS and Android, claims to get rid of 99% of spam calls and texts.

VeroSMS will filter texts that contain phrases you’ve banned and unrecognized URLs.

NomoRobo is an inexpensive program that filters unsolicited messages and calls.

For a complete overview of all your options, read our guide on how to stop spam messages.

How To Deal With The Underlying Cause Of The Spam Issue

Spam messages, calls, and unsolicited mail are being received on an increasing proportion of home phone lines. The rise in data brokers is largely to blame for this.

Data-broker platforms are companies that gather information that is readily available to the public before selling it to other parties, who typically utilize it for marketing.

Unfortunately, despite being entirely legal, this approach frequently allows scammers to acquire your personal information and use it for illegal purposes.

Your information is likely to be on one or more of the approximately 400 separate data-broker platforms that exist in the United States alone.

You must spend a lot of time and effort removing your information from these data-broker services if you want to permanently cease spam group SMS.

As an alternative, you might pay a data-broker removal service like DeleteMyInfo to handle everything on your behalf. We are experts at protecting your online data by removing you from platforms that use data brokers.


The Limitations of Legality For Spam Text

While there aren’t many rules governing data brokers operating in the United States, there are at least a few for spam SMS.

Spamming cell phone users without the sender’s consent is truly prohibited. In fact, spammers may face multi-million dollar fines if they are discovered.

These rules don’t always prevent con artists from contacting you, though. Therefore, it is up to each of us to do our part by recognizing spammers and taking appropriate action.

If you register with DeleteMyInfo, you’ll probably see a decrease in spam messages almost right away as we remove pertinent information like your phone number from the Internet.

Learn more about how DeleteMyInfo can begin assisting you in protecting your online information right away.

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