Just Delete Me from Spy-Dialer

What is a Spy-Dialer? Spy-Dialer is a data broker that offers a reverse phone lookup service that people use to find anyone including you! 

Someone enters your mobile phone or landline number and finds many things about you.  Spy-Dialer retrieves your name, address, location, and email address.
The process of Just Delete Me from Spy-Dialer

1. To just delete me from spy-dialer –  First, navigate to the internet opt-out web page,


2. Choose the state where you live.  Click the re-CAPTCHA


3. Fill out your info as it appears in your listing. You have to fill out each area, yet the details do not need to be appropriate if it is not consisted of in your listing. For instance, if they do not have your e-mail address, we advise utilizing a Masked Email from Blur.


4.) Your information is deleted from spy-dialer


 Hundreds of these Data Brokers aggregate your information from many different sources and sell it all over the internet.

DeleteMyInfo is the fastest solution to delete your information from these data brokers allowing you to live a more secure life.

How to Remove Information From

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Don’t have time to remove yourself from this site?

DeleteMyInfo is here to protect YOU.

Find out which DATA BROKERS sell your Personal Information!

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Hundreds of companies collect and sell your private data online. DeleteMyInfo removes it for you.

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